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Recovery YogaRecovery Yoga Program Goals and Classes

Recovery Yoga programs are designed to:
(1). provide a physically and emotionally safe place for yoga participants to have a positive experience;
(2). enable participants to reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and focus on moving on to a positive future;
(3). inspire participants to take care of themselves, their families, and their community;
(4). reduce fear and isolation by having students participate in a yoga practice within a supportive group; and (5). inspire participants to have a yoga practice since research on ongoing yoga practices indicates that yoga helps increase feelings of self-worth, and promotes stability, harmony, and strength.


A testimonial from a student of the veterans program: “As I stated before at the end of class we would lay on our backs and go or try to go to our safe place. I am by experience and nature a hyper-vigilant person…So I am lying there and I hear footsteps…I had to fight it, not to open my eyes to see. I trusted the other in the room that I would be safe. Where is this going for me, I would like to continue with Yoga. I see a value and a place where I think I can trust people… in the short time I could feel that my instructor cared that I was getting it. Whatever it is. FOR ME YOGA IS ANOTHER TOOL TO HELP ME GET THROUGH LIFE WHEN THERE IS NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNAL [sic].”  -Joseph S. Dolock, Combat Infantry Platoon Leader, Served in Vietnam 1968-1969, 1/46 196 & 198 LIB, Americal Division, Chu Lai.

Recovery Yoga classes typically run for an hour, consisting of a 45 minute yoga practice and 15 minutes of yoga nidra (a form of deeply healing meditation) at the end of the class. The classes focus on breath, movement and centering. The classes offer stress relief. Classes are accessible to all levels, to accommodate different stages in life and different physical abilities.
Yoga fosters living in the present moment, one breath and one moment at a time. As participants drop limiting beliefs, they can move forward in new and healthy ways based upon a strong foundation.

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